From Glasgow to London Fashion Week

I grew up with a passion for fashion, beauty and dressing up – you wouldn’t guess it if you saw me now.  So when I got a heads up that London Fashion Week is up and coming, I decided that I should at least take a look at what I think I would wear if I got the opportunity to go.  Now I’m not a fashionista by any means, but I do find one or two treasures – and since I am procrastinating too much from doing my schoolwork I decided to take a quick look online to see what I loved for the event.

After dressing to the nines as I was growing up, I moved to Canada and found myself surrounded by uber-casual Canucks who wore their pyjamas to class and barely brushed their hair (I was a university student at the time).  I have to tell you Canadians generally do not dress up – even when they are dressed up it’s nothing compared to how Trinidadians bling out.  Then I moved to Glasgow where they take pride in British fashion – and felt way underdressed – to the point where I’ve had to sort of start over my wardrobe makeover because my “made over” clothing is not quite appropriate….and my old Trinidadian love for dressing up started to stir…of course, my choices are a lot more elegant and classy than they were back then…we do age you know…and dressing up has to be age appropriate.

It only takes a few hours on a plane or a little longer on a train to get from Glasgow to London so I thought I may as well go for it, how often do you get these opportunities in life?

I thought I had better get a few new things if I was heading down and when I’m shopping for clothes I prefer to shop online. I know it’s good to get a feel of the material and an idea of how different brands sizing works but I prefer the choice and ease of shopping from home. You can get a good look about and price things up and when you start to understand brands sizing, it really isn’t an issue. I have been getting some great results from and the best thing about shopping online for me is the deals!

For the London Fashion Week I figured you’d have to dress up and look…well…a little bit fashionable, so I went directly to the Women’s Party & Occasion Outfits on the Next site – I did not even have to go any further to find what I was looking for…. I forgot to tell you I have an obsession with farmer browns and jumpsuits.  No, you won’t see me in a straw hat, plaid shirt, denim farmer browns and sandals chewing on a piece of corn anytime soon.  These are classy and a little bit sexy….and for me, the Aubergine Jumpsuit was right down my alley.  My only thing is that I don’t have a nice back and I would need some sort of support – so maybe those sticky cups, it’s just for a night, right?!

Then I spotted the Champagne Cluster Dress that I thought was absolutely beautiful – but I did not think it quite fit for the London Fashion Week – to me it’s more like something I’d wear to a dinner party with my husband’s family or co-workers?  It’s gorgeous though, and Next has been doing a lot of embellished clothing recently…so I think I would rule it out, just cause so many people have similar items…but it is gorgeous…and if it were a different event I would completely go for it!

So the dresses were a no-go – although there was one that was a really close second to the jumpsuit.  The Open Back Midi Dress is to DIE FOR!  I have a horrible back, though, as I said above, and I have a pregnancy belly without ever having been pregnant – so would look probably pretty lumpy and crappy in it – nowhere as gorgeous as the model in the photo!  There was a darker one too, but the grey really called to me….and…um perhaps with different shoes – I do like a little bling!!

I wondered if I was going overboard and if I needed to go a little more casual.  I’m all into tunics and tights these days – and my friend Colleen McConaughey the most amazing Glasgow based style expert I know, will faint when she reads that.  The problem is that I’ve not been able to find affordable streamlined pants that I can wear with tunics……but anyways, I loved many of their tunics when I was browsing, but if I were to go the more casual route with tunic, tights and long boots, I think it would be the Cornelli High Neck Tunic with huge glittery flashy earrings – that way I can buy the ugly, comfy yet so 2018 fashionable pool shoes and still sort of fit in the fashionista crowd!

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