Pre Fall with Alana McClean Part 2

Welcome back to our talk with Alana McClean and her Pre Fall tips that might help you find the right pieces this season.

RWH: What are three budget-friendly pieces that every girl must have in her closet this season?

AK: There are lots of budget-friendly trends this season, but my top three favourites are velvet, graphics, and slick bomber coats/jackets.

—Velvet is a rich and luxurious fabric and a cute trendy piece in this material can likely be found in inexpensive stores. Unfortunately, due to the heaviness of the material it can’t transition into spring.

—Graphics are really big this season so a fun graphic-print sweater would be a great wardrobe addition – think fun animal motifs or bold architectural prints. Again, this isn’t the type of trend that would easily transition into the next season, but it offers a great way to add a burst of colour and personality to your wardrobe.

—Slick Bomber Coats/Jackets are a great way to add a bit of rocker-chic into your look. You can select your fabric of choice on this one – nylon, silk or leather – and use it as a super cool way to layer up an outfit. What’s great about these jackets is that you can dress them up or down. For instance, if the jacket is cropped and nipped at the waistline consider tossing it over some skinny jeans to create a sexy, figure flattering look.

RWH: What do you see as the top shoe trends taking the stage for fall?

AK: The top shoe trends for this fall will definitely include metallic menswear-inspired flats. Confession, I happen to have a pair of gold oxfords on my wish-list! Also, lady-like pointy-toe pumps are making a huge come back this season too. The bootie will be sticking around, but will get an upgrade with a wedge heel.

RWH: Any tips for navigating the back-to-school sales? Are there any specific types of deals or promotions shoppers should be on the lookout for?

AK: I always recommend not getting too excited over special sales because more often than not, people tend to buy a sale item and then regret it down the line. Remember that shirt you bought last back-to-school season? We both know that it is buried in your closet and has not seen the light of day. What I do recommend is browsing to find the best deal on an item that you actually want. If you love a top in the store go online and do some research to see where you can get it for less.

Always remember to invest in quality and higher-end brands for classics that can transition flawlessly from one season to the next. Personally, I am a big fan of online flash sales websites, such as You can find a lot of great merchandise from the brands that you know and love for a lot less, but you have to act quickly because boutiques are only open for 48-hours. I tend to shop online a lot and most of the items I have purchased are on heavy rotation in my closet year round.

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